Instruction on how the Adaptive Color Reduction program can be run.

The Adaptive Color Reduction technique is implemented to run in a MS Windows environment. To run the Adaptive Color Reduction technique, uncompress the file into a directory and then run the acr.exe program. Then do the followings:

Stage 1. Load an image. (The program can load BMP, JPG, PPM and PGM image files).



Stage 2. Define the desired number of final colors. To do this define first the number of the tree levels, and then in each level define the number of the output neurons in the SOFM  neural networks.

Stage 3. Define the general specifications for the PCA and SOFM neural networks.


Stage 4. Adjust the fractal sampling parameters



We take 2959 samples from the peaks of the Hilbert fractal space filling curve and from neighborhood of each peak 10 additional random samples.


Stage 5. Go to every level tab and define:

(a) The color scheme.

(b) If the PCA is used.

(c)  The type of the spatial features. The spatial features can be defined   by  using mask or by inserting pre-processed images.


Stage 6. Go to the "General Settings" tab and define the split and merging conditions.


Stage 7. Press the "Start" button. The program runs and the final new image is appeared in a new tab.

Stage 8. Save the image.

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